It’s All A Mess!

Well a bunch of stuff has happened lately. The past week I have been spinning the spanners to get the MX-5 “legal”, so it’s now been raised at all four corners, the roll cage has been removed, and the factory exhaust has been fitted, along with a bunch of other things. I’m happy to report that I’ve passed the blue slip with flying colours, so I can now drive the car again.

However, I won’t be going anywhere soon, as there is a nasty oil leak from the sump. So I need to get that sorted ASAP and fit some other factory pieces for the upcoming DECC anti tampering test, Which I’ll be booking tomorrow.

Some other good news, the Exhaust setup I ordered from the states last week, arrived today … talk about quick! I won’t be able to modify it for some time though by the looks of it.

Argh, it’s all a mess!

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