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Oh Joy!

This morning I thought it’ll be a start to another boring week … I was wrong. Literally two minutes from my house, I managed to get pulled over by the local high way patrol. Long story short they let me off with a yellow label (which means I can still drive the car around for 7 days). However, I’ll be sent off to the DECC.

For those who don’t know, DECC stands for Department Of Environment And Climate Change. So they’ll be testing my car to see if it still complies with standard CO2 ratings.

Right on Christmas too … fun times.

Random Snap – 037

Roadster Of The Month – Paul’s Charged MX-5

Interview by:
Adam Zitka
Photography by: Paul Vail So Paul, what was your first experience with the Mazda Roadster?

Paul: I bought the car totally stock 10 years ago after trying out various other sporty type cars. I wanted something easily insurable at 20 years old but also fun and reliable and it met my criteria perfectly.

At the time It was intended to be a daily driver but a couple of months later I was given a car by the company I worked for at the time. By then I had become quite attached to the car and I couldn’t part with it so I decided to keep it as weekend/project car. What would be your favourite thing about your Roadster ?

Paul: It’s a simple car that’s just great fun to drive. I do still get excited about driving it even now, due to work and a busy home life I don’t get to drive it all that often so I think that helps keep me interested. What was your inspiration behind building your Roadster, and how do you feel about the way it’s turned out?

Paul: I think the NB’s look a bit soft as standard and I wanted a more aggressive looking car. After trying various bits over the years I have eventually ended up with a mixture of Garage Vary and OEM body kit parts which I think look relatively subtle and keep the original lines of the car.

I suppose I have been influenced by which attracted me to the dished wheels look with lower offsets. I have tried to get a compromise between performance and looks so my car’s not slammed and is still relatively practical. Is there anything that bugs you about your car, or any Roadster in general ?

Paul: It can be pretty uncomfortable as its setup as a track/fast road car and it’s pretty hardcore with the aggressive Tochigi Fuji LSD and stiff coilovers. Over long distances it can be tiring to drive. It’s my fault with the modifications I have made so I can’t blame the car. Are there any future modifications you have in mind for the car ?

Paul: It’s shortly going to have a standalone ECU fitted and tuned and I’m hoping for another 20HP to pretty much max out my M45 setup. I’m also considering a ducktail spoiler and eventually I’d love a set of 16” Work Meister S1’s.

I’m finding it a struggle to find things to do to the car now, I’m always keeping a watch for rare parts though. What has been the most memorable moment with your Roadster ?

Paul: I have been to watch the Le Mans 24hr race for the last 5 years and the road trip over to France is great fun and something I really look forward to. Otherwise I love doing track days, I have had some fantastic sessions at Donnington. How long do you plan on keeping the car ?

Paul: I can’t see myself ever parting with it now. I have looked at other cars but I can’t really find anything that fits the bill. I love the fact I can drive it hard and if it breaks i won’t be looking at a massive bill to fix it.

1999 Mazda MX-5 1.8i NB – Classic Red

197BHP – 170FTLB

JR M45 supercharger kit
60mm Pulley
BRP Idle bracket
Pace A/W Charge cooler
Emerald K3 ECU
RC 550CC Injectors
Innovate WB02
Koyo 53mm Radiator
Racing Beat 4-2-1 headers
AutoExe exhaust
6 Speed gearbox

MK2 Harddog sport
BC type BR coilovers
Tochigi Fuji 3.6 LSD

OEM discs with EBC Yellowstuff pads
HEL braided brake lines
XS-Speed brake master cylinder brace

Mazdaspeed sport seats
KG Works gauge cluster and cream dials
Chrome interior trim
Kenwood Headunit and components
Autometer/Tim AFR and boost gauges
RX7 FD3 Nardi 3 Spoke airbag wheel
NB2.5 Center console

Garage Vary Front lip
Garage Vary rear lip
Mazda OEM large side skirts
Mazda OEM ‘Floating’ type adjustable wing
Mazda OEM fog lamp inserts
Carbing Style tow hook
IL Motorsports ‘Eye lids’
Clear reflectors/Sidemarkers
Mazda OEM Chrome fuel flap (Powdercoated black)
NB2.5 Rear lights
Cusco plate relocation bracket
De-badged and Smoothed front Bumper cover
Gloss black OEM Hardtop

Compomotive ML 1520’s 15×8 ET12 (Anthracite)
Toyo T1R 195/50R15’s (Road)
Work Nezart Sport 15×6.5 ET38 (White)
Federal 595RS-R 195/50R15 (Track)

Random Snap – 036

Gran Turismo 5

So I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t posted much the past week. Well that’s because I’ve been occupied with Gran Turismo 5. I’ve been hooked on the series from the very beginning. I remember building an R33 GT-R with stage 4 turbo kit … It dominated all the races but I was always driving it off the road an loosing control of it rather easily, ha ha.

So as I’m sure you all know, we have been waiting for Gran Turismo 5 for a very, very long time now. Personally, I’m just happy to be playing it, there’s a big step up in many areas of GT4, but there are a fair few let downs too. However, it has been said that GT5 was rushed in order for Sony to boost sales this Christmas.

It has also been said that the game was created in a certain format, then Sony demanded it in a higher quality. If that’s the case it really explains why all these little things have been left out, or aren’t perfect. Who knows if any of this is true though, but I do know one thing … there are lots of updates install for GT5.

Anyway, time to show you some of my cars. First off I have my 800HP Nissan R35 GT-R, boy is this car quick! It’s probably the best car I own so far.

Next up is my Mazda FC RX-7, this is my current drift hack and skid machine … as you can see.

Last but not least, my Mazda Eunos Roadster. This is the car I started GT5 with and it proved to be a good choice, as I was able to do quite a few events with it. Now it just sits pretty in the garage, I do take it quite often when I feel like playing online though.

So, what do you think about GT5?

Oh, by the way, my PSN is Crazii_Monkii, feel free to add me guys.

Now back to playing GT5, see you online!

Random Snap – 035