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Make it fit!

No matter who you ask, Ganadors are the classic of mirrors. Timeless design and a must have on any import.

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Boot swap

Ah, the perks of having not only the same car, but the same colour too. Benny and Paulie decided that they wanted each others boots. Paulie wanted to rock my old duck tail, while Benny wanted a boot with no holes.

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Vivid vids – 015

Random Snap – 070

New manifold

The last piece of the turbo setup arrived late last week. Country of origin, New Zealand! There’s a mob over there knocking out some decent looking manifolds at very reasonable pricing.

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There are so many body kit choices for the R33 skyline, it’s hard to pick just one to rock. During my searches I came across some URAS style kits advertised on EBay for only $500!

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