Make it fit!

No matter who you ask, Ganadors are the classic of mirrors. Timeless design and a must have on any import.

Though such an appealing mirror has a hefty price tag, and since they could be called a disposable item on a drift car (couldn’t everything be considered disposable on a drift car ?). I didn’t think it was the smartest idea to be forking out $500+ for a genuine set.

So I went for the next best thing. I bought cheapies and modified them to fit the R33. It seems as if Nissan didn’t like “change”. So many things are inter-changable between different chassis’.

In this instance I purchased two sets of Ganador style mirrors to suit an S14, and cut part of the base plate to fit around the R33 frame.

Hey, it’s not perfect and doesn’t have the same design as the OEM base plate, but it works and soon enough you won’t even notice it.

So that’s what the standard base plate looks like on an S14. This is what needs to be done to make it fit on an R33.

The finished product? I think it looks dope on Benny’s car.

So any R33 owners out there thinking about some new mirrors that won’t break the budget. This is ideal for you!

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