Paulie’s new ride

For a while now a good friend of mine, Paulie has been lusting over Skylines. Not just any Skyline though, oh no he wanted the fattie. The kinda Skyline that is like the fat chick at a party that no one is really interested in.

But after a few beers, you realise “hey, I’d tap that”. You take the plunge you get talking and soon enough, you take this chicky to the bedroom. She than rides the fuck out of you like it’s the last cock she’ll ever have!

The R33 Skyline has this same effect.

A lot of people hate on how they look “big” weigh hundreds more than it’s siblings and so on. I think more people need to take a swim in the deep end, jump in one and take them for a good long, hard drive. You’ll be blown away of what they are capable of.

Paulie was well aware of this, and though I’m sure he’s had alot of “why the R33, get a 32 bro!” comments, he stuck to his guns and went with the fattie.

The smile on his face, when driving it says it all!

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  1. Cobby December 18, 2011 at 7:41 am #

    Big fat paulie’s big fat car! Looks tidy 🙂

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