There are so many body kit choices for the R33 skyline, it’s hard to pick just one to rock. During my searches I came across some URAS style kits advertised on EBay for only $500!

I’m sure we’ve all heard stories about cheap sketchy kits and how much of a prick they were to fit, because they didn’t actually “fit”. But these very photos you see are with this cheap knock off body kit has been literally slapped on the car. Paulie and I just picked up the bumpers and skirts, put them on, stood back and took photos.

Paulie and I were stunned how well everything fitted, more-so how easily everything went on. I’ll do some light trimming on the side skirts and I’d be happy to get it all painted up. The look is slowly starting to come along. I still need to order my rear guards and Gannador mirrors.

I’m glad I went with the URAS style body kit, it has really grown on me as of late.

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