Archive - 2012

Playing catch up

So it’s time for an update on the Stagea. As always I’ve been tinkering with it one way or another.

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The curse has been broken

There was a small drift event run by initial D yesterday at the humble Wakefield park raceway. The whole week I had been deciding whether to attend in the Stagea.

After a lot of convincing from Jeff, and a ridiculously cheap entry fee ($120), I was in!

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The Maiden Voyage

5:30am Sunday morning, my eyes smashed open, and I jumped out of bed. This shit is super bizarre for me. Due to my work hours I’m nearly nocturnal. I rushed over to Benny’s room and woke him up, cause I’m a cunt like that (he normally does it to me). Shortly after we were out the door, and on our way to Sydney Motorsport Park.

We arrived super early, we were the first handful of people there too. We sat patiently, awaiting for the front gates to be opened.

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Do work

A lot has happened since the last update. The Stagea has been tuned, and I spent every night after work getting it tip-top for the Driving Sports – Day of drift at Sydney Motorsport park.

The first port of call was to replace my poorly designed solid diff mounts for GK Tech items. The original plan was to do it with the subframe in the car. Yeah like that was going to happen!

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Driving sports – Day of drift vid

Scott Mitchell has made a kick-ass vid of the Driving sports day of drift. There’s even a glimpse of the Stagea getting loose in it!

Check it!

Matsuri – Paulie styles

So it’s that time again when the Run It Hard! crew pack their bags, stuff their cars full of tyres and trundle on down to Wakefield Park for a couple of days skidding.

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