House of slam

The mod bug has bitten hard on Julie since purchasing the Lancer. She’s been throwing wads of cash at both the S14 and CE, and I say it’s about time!

For the length of time the Lancer has been in our possession, we’ve knocked over most of our plans for the car. Last Saturday we travelled to Newtown to pick up a set of wheels, and on Monday we bought a set of BC type BR coil overs, I installed them later that night. Oh and we scored a pair of clear side indicators off John too, thanks bro!

This is what I was dealing with, I needed to make the new wheels fit under the Lancer’s guards. One problem I had was that the tyre is flush with the wheel (no stretch), so it made things interesting. It’s been a tedious two days, but I think I’ve finally done it. The Lancer is on it’s guts and is looking boss, it scrubs here and there, mainly where the bumper meets the guards but it’ll sort itself over time.

I’ve got to take some pictures of the Lancer with it’s new look. But for now here’s a teaser.

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