How to: Remove a stubborn oil filter

Over Easter holidays, I was quiet the busy bee. Whilst waiting for my skylines bodykit to dry, I decided to do a service on Julie’s daily driver.

It took quite a bit longer then expected, mainly because I had no-where to put the car and I didn’t trust jacking it up due to strong winds. There’s a few things that has impressed me with the design of the CE Lancer, one of them is the oil filter placement. It’s at the bottom of the engine, right next to the sump. It makes removing the oil filter quick and easy, so I thought.

Here’s a little trick I learnt a while ago. If you can’t get an oil filter off because it’s too damn tight, grab a mallet and a Phillips head screw driver. Leverage is your friend, and the more you have the easier it is to tighten and loosen parts.

Now, put your screw driver right up against the filter, and bang on it until you pierce both sides. It can get a little messy so make sure your oil pan tray is underneath it. You’ll now have a handle on your filter and you’ll be amazed how easy it’ll come off. But if it’s still being a pain, and you’ve got no more room to turn it with the screw driver pierce some more holes into it.

This little method has saved my ass many times when trying to remove a filter, and I much prefer doing this then using rings/clamps.

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