It’s over!

Last weekend was quite eventful. 9am Saturday morning, the tow track had arrived at my house. The R33 was heading to Dahtone Racing to pull out this dud engine. The reason why we were doing this was because Jo, Alister and I had come to an agreement. I would return the engine for a full refund.

Anthony, Brodie, Paulie, Jeff, Julie and I spent a few hours removing the engine from my Skyline, and stripping it bare … to what Powerplay had supplied me. After that was completed we got the R33 towed back to my house, the towie even managed to get it in my garage!

Sunday was the finale I wasn’t hoping for. Originally I was ment to meet Alister at a mutual location to do the exchange.  Just under one hour before we were ment to meet, I received an SMS.

Basically it said something has come up, leave the engine in front of our warehouse on the pallet, and we’ll put the money into your account tomorrow. I let them have it, I was sick of getting fucked around constantly and to think that I was going to leave the engine unattended for hours on end is just idiotic.

Jo-Anne kept repeating “it’s safe there are security guards and cameras everywhere”, I did a sweep of the whole street and I stayed there for over an hour. I did not see one guard, nor could I find any cameras. I continued on my rampage and told them to organise something else.

Anyway, I suggested for Jeff, Julie and I to drop the engine off at Biggie’s house, and we did just that. We had done everything they asked so now I needed to wait, and hope that they held their word for once. Today around 1pm the funds were in my account! I felt so relieved that all of these bullshit mind games were over. Now everyone involved can just move on and let this go.

Every day I regret that I had chosen Powerplay over Dahtone Racing on getting a “new engine”. Tell you what, this engine I purchased was a bucket of shit, half of the items in it were out of my old one, vital items like idler bolts were bought from Bunnings, fuck they even reused my old head studs! 

More-so the way they handled this situation was a complete joke, They had no consideration for what had happened, and their attitude has been appalling. I’m glad that they are moving to another state because I don’t know what I’ll do if I ever saw them walking down the street one day.

So take it from me, once you find a kick ass mechanic, stick to them like glue! If you don’t have a mechanic you trust, then do yourself a favour and head down to Dahtone Racing.




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