New shoes arrive straight from Japan

About 1 and half months ago I purchased some rims for the Stagea and used the trusted Streeter to ship them over to me. If you don’t know who Jesse Streeter is, he is based in Japan and allows you to purchase new or used parts from yahoo auctions you can have him get it shipped to you or  flown depending on the size of the item.

Most of the time it’s much cheaper than what you can find locally . Although you would have to be patient if you having them shipped over the process takes about 6-8 weeks. You can trust Streeter as his been in the business a long time and a lot of people from various forums use him.

With the new rims in my possession I headed straight to the guys at Taleb Tyres who offer various tyres at great prices. I usually get my drift tyres off them. I headed home and I must say I love the Stagea as a daily, it is so versatile and makes the trip to tyre shops a breeze when I can easily fit 5 Rims and Tyres in the boot.

As you know the Stagea got some low thanks to some Kei Office Coilovers. With the car lowered, it was in need of some rims urgently. Everyday looking at my sunken battleship made me sad. Here you can see the front requiring a lot of offset love in some cases my car is mistaken for a hovercraft.

The rears have the same problem but not as bad due to the cradle that is used in automatic Stageas. It makes the rear track approximately 20mm greater each side.

So I jacked up the car got the standard wheels off and quickly put the new wheels on the rear and it looked like I had a big problem.

I was hoping quite possibly that with the current camber set up that wheels may camber in and fit under the standard guards. As I lowered the jack I could see what was required to make these wheels fit.

Don’t worry I haven’t joined the mexican world of fitment this was part of our calculations on what offsets would work on the Stagea on standard guards. The next step to make these wheels fit will be to fit a S14 Cradle which will in essence bring the track in 20mm each side.

So look out in the coming weeks as we get the new shoes on the Stagea going. I didn’t test the fronts due to not having the required spacers to clear the brakes.

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