It’s been a while since I posted about the R33, well truth be told not much progress has been made. Every night after work I get into the garage and tinker with one thing or another.

A week ago I started to doubt going ahead with this, basically rebuilding the car again in such a short time frame. I started to lose faith in myself, and I was convinced that the shell was cursed with bad luck. So I started toying with the idea of going back to my roots. Yeah, an MX-5.

So I had a look around, and a car in Queensland caught my attention. I was prepared to throw it all away for this drop top sports car I had just found. But then I started to think long and hard about the future, what I’d be doing to the MX5 and all that jazz. Still my heart was set on this little car and I was adamant upon purchasing it, until the seller knocked back my deposit offer. As someone else from interstate had to get back to him first.

I’m glad in a way that someone else snapped that car up, because I’m focused more than ever to get my Skyline up and running, the way I wanted it from the start.

A bucket-load of parts are currently on order for the new build, so for now I’ve been stripping things that are getting replaced, improved or redesigned.

I’ve got four months to get the car up and running again. The goal is to attend Raceline’s November Matsuri in my own car, which will be just over one year since I’ve driven it last.

There will be plenty of updates coming so stay tuned!

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