The new heart

For some time I’ve been tossing up what engine will go into my R33. At one stage I thought about putting in another RB25 and hoping for the best. But then Anthony said “go 25/30!”.

At first I thought it wouldn’t be a cost-effective option, but boy was I wrong! So after doing some reasearch I decided that’ll be the best bang for buck option (considering I already had an RB25 head). I hunted around and found a complete RB30 out of a R31 Skyline for sale.

Julie, Paulie and I made the trek to McGraths hill last weekend to pick it up.

Shortly after we took it straight to Dahtone for the strip down, an hour later that complete engine we shoe-horned into my Stagea’s boot was essentially a bare block.

Initial plans were to change the rings and bearings, but after looking at the condition of the pistons, and noticing the hone marks are still prominent on the bores we might not even bother.

This engine build will be simple, mainly focusing on sufficient oil supply. The Ol’ RB30 will be able to handle my power goal with ease.


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