Got Grilled

Since the arrival of my new rims for the Stagea I decided to do a few cosmetic upgrades to the beast. One day whilst I was browsing on eBay for random Stagea parts I found a cheap grille.

The auction had best offer and I decided to put in a reasonable offer as I was still 50/50 in regards whether I like the grille or not. I received a counter offer from the auction and I decided to accept it.

The grille came promptly and packaged nicely, it isn’t perfect with 2 marks on it but it does the job.

Here you can see the difference between the standard grille and the N/A Grille

The finished product.

I think the grille spices up the boring Stagea front giving it a more VIP look compared to before and much more refreshing.

Also I got time to test fit the new front rims as I had to work out what size spacer I needed to clear brakes. Too my surprise they cleared and I’m loving the fitment

Here are some teaser pictures

I really want to slam the car a little more but I don’t want to make it too impractical. Once I get the rims on i’ll assess that situation.




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