A day in the life – Paul vs Police

As most of you who read the blog will know, us in the modified car world have the occasional run in with the law. I would like to share my experience….

Firstly, I would like to say sorry for no pics. But the guy I was dealing with was not the happiest of police men (though I use the term “men” lightly… as that would imply that this one was a human).

Secondly, this is not a rant at the NSW police force. Just this one officer in particular. I don’t want any hate to come of this. Just telling my story.

So I got pulled over about 2 weeks ago. The Officer came charging up to my car and started yelling at me telling me my car is a hunk of shit and other personal insults.

He seemed rather keen to defect my car, however I have gone about most of my mods the right way. I have done most things by the book. He started to rant about my lack of back seat, I informed him (in a polite manner) that my car was registered as a two-seater, and a few other bits and bobs that he didn’t like the look of.

He gave the car the once over and couldn’t find anything other than a polite response and a rough, yet legal skyline.

Anyway, on his way back to the car he spots my steel wheels (for the record 16×8 -6 offset). Well as they were close to the guards, he decided they were too wide and had to go.

As you can see they are a little on the negative offset side, but nothing too extreme.

He said if I changed both the wheels he would let me go and not defect me, he was looking all smug thinking he had me… I mean who has more than 1 spare in the car?

Well while I am just standing there … Arms crossed.

 He was shocked when I pulled 2 wheels out of the boot.

I asked if I could go around the corner to do it, he said that the car was unroadworthy and he would fine me if I drove it. So I asked him if he would accept liability if I was hit by a passing truck. He muttered something and walked off.

Anyway, changed the wheels on Parramatta rd in peak hour. Caused a massive traffic jam. If you were stuck in the traffic a couple of weeks ago sorry, not my fault.

All I can say is I have lost some respect for some members of the NSW Police force. But for those you out there who are still new to the game, learn the laws and remember to respect the police. Right or wrong, they are the ones who can take your car off the road.

And on that note, rant over.

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