A drift day in a borrowed car – What could possibly go wrong?

So the Hit and Run invitational drift day was coming up, and Benny was keen as mustard to go. He kept bugging me to come down to spectate and passenger ride for the day. At first I said no, but then he had convinced me to come along.

A day before the event, I sent Paulie a text saying that he should take his car out drifting, it’s been a while. Paulie had some shit on and couldn’t make it, so I said “let me borrow the 33 for a day”. It was a joke, and I didn’t mean much of it but Paulie said “you break it, you buy it”. I was shocked to say the least, a few texts later and Paulie basically insisted I take his R33 to Wakefield.

Benny managed to sweet-talk Woods into getting me into the day too (it was booked out). It was like the stars were aligning, destiny and all that junk.

I was pumped to say the least! It has been about a year since I’ve had done a day in a car to myself.

Later that night, Benny and I head to Paulie’s house to pick up the R33, then brung it back to my joint and got it ready for the day of fun ahead.

6am arrived and I literally jumped out of bed (which is extremely abnormal for me), we grabbed all our gear and headed out for the long drive to Wakefield. The drive up made me realise how I’ve become used to standard cars. Paulie’s car felt super stiff and loud, I’ve gotten soft..

We arrived right in time for the short and simple drivers briefing, you could just tell the day was going to be chilled out and all about the track time.

Sorting out Paulie’s car I started to get anxious, I realised although I’ve been to Wakefield a handful of times. I actually haven’t driven the track properly. I started worrying about breaking Paulie’s car and all sorts of other shit (I over think a lot).

Anyway, I wait for Benny and we head out to pit lane, eagerly awaiting to be waved onto the track. Soon enough I got a feel for Paulie’s R33, what I can do, and what I can’t do with his car. But after a few runs I started noticing a slight drop in power. I kept at it for a little while longer and it slowly got worse, it was starting to affect my runs and getting to me.

So I pulled into pit lane and had a look around, checking the usual gear. I figured the problem was heat related, so I let it cool down for a while.

It was lunch time so everyone grabbed a bite to eat at Wakie’s cafe. I was talking to Benny about how disappointed I was in my driving, how I may have broken Paulie’s car and how I should use the money for the Stagea project, to get myself a house. I was down and out.

After lunch we headed out to the cars and I was hoping that the R33 had magically fixed itself. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case and the loss of power was getting worse. I was really starting to worry now.  But then I started to think about it, it was loosing power coming out of the first corner and the 4th corner onto the back straight. It started to feel like fuel surge, this didn’t cross my mind as it had over 3/4 in the tank.

So I took it into the pits, put in some fuel and headed back out.

The funny thing is, I actually installed a Walbro fuel pump on Benny’s car, before we picked up Paulie’s R33. We used the OEM sock filter on the Walbro due to the size difference (OEM is 3 times the length) … Paulie’s car also has a Walbro, I started to think it has the Walbro sock filter/pickup on it instead of the longer OEM item.

Thankfully the R33 was back to normal and I was able to lay down some solid runs before the end of the day. I was having bucket-loads of fun. That’s what it’s all about right?

The loan car took a beating and come out unscathed. I wish I could say the same for Benny’s car though (more on that later).

All in all, we had a great day and it’s pumped me to get the Stagea “driftable” I NEED to drift again, soon!



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