What started as a tyre review, ended in a forced turbo upgrade

I was getting new tyres for my C-Ultra’s (3 spoke for the win) and figured after 4 drift days, it was time for a wheel alignment.

Anyway, long story short, they caught my cat on a hoist and snapped some studs where the dump pipe meets the turbo (one was so bent before it snapped it had to be drilled out) I didn’t see it happen and by the time I realised (made shocking noise when the wastegate opened, otherwise I wouldn’t have known) I was halfway through the Royal National Park.

 By the time I got back the shop were closed. I go back on the Monday and they deny it was their fault.  Despite my best efforts they refused to pay to fix it.

So off to Anth from Dahtone to make it all better. After taking the turbo off I got a call telling me the old turbo was stuffed.  I already had a high flow that I was going to put in later… I just didn’t have the funds to do the injectors and ecu at the moment, after speaking to Anth he assured me I could run it at about 10 psi and it would be fine till I could do the rest.

Anyway I head out to Dahtone and check out the old turbo and drop off the new one. The shaft on the old one was looser than a cheap whore after the Navy had been in town. Not only was it loose, it was bent and chunks were missing from the exhaust wheel, and the inlet housing was full of oil.

So we put the high flow in and chuck in my Profec B 2 to run the thing.

As always the work from Anth is top-notch, neat and really well done.

 As for the results:

Car used to be really snappy low, ok mid, and die about 5800 to 6000.

High flow turbo comes on a little later (600 rpm at most) and a lot smoother but just punches hard midrange and pulls harder than a 13-year-old boy who just discovered redtube, right to redline.

I finally got the chance to give the s-drives a bit of a work out. And gotta say, they are so much better than any other non r compound rubber in the dry, sure they aren’t super soft and offer grip like neova’s or ku36’s. But when they start to let go you can feel it coming unlike the above mentioned that just snap and you end up playing catch up.

Only had a quick drive in the wet and they are really good too but wasn’t pushing.

Have been told they are noisy… but my car is stripped and no sound deadening… so wouldn’t know.


Dahtone racing = Awesome.

S-Drives = Awesome.

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