A new lease on life

It’s been months since my decision to “scrap” my beloved R33 skyline in favour for the Stagea. But as you can see I still do have the Skyline, although not much is left of it.

I recently received a impound notice from my local council about the R33 … in a nut shell it said “move your shit or we’ll take it and charge you $500 for doing so”. I found this a good enough reason to finally get rid of it, so I listed every detachable part off it on Ebay for stupid cheap prices. With the intention of sending it to the scrap yard tomorrow.

A Ebayer won a few auctions I had up on Friday night. His intentions were to keep them spare for a rainy day.

Now I’m sure most of you heard about that dog act at the Royal National Park last night. For those who haven’t some sick fuck laid down a shitload of oil mid-corner in the heart of RNP.

This led to a convoy of enthusiasts writing their cars off, and some put in serious injury.

This Ebayer was involved in the incident, and his R33 is looking worse for wear to say the least. He told me what he needed to get his car back to what it was … it was an extensive list just by looking at the pictures. At that point he wanted to take the shell off my hands.

It’s incredible how this all went down, just one of those things where the stars aligned and this pile of metal I had sitting at my front yard, is a chance for John to give his Skyline a new lease on life.


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