The Good and The Bad

So in August Me and Adam attended a Hit and Run Private Day at Wakefield which was chilled out and plenty of track time. But with drifting it doesn’t go without problems.

Things were pretty smooth up, the Intake pipe popped off the turbo before lunch time though.

Here are some photos I’ve found taken by Kyle Skuse.

 It wasn’t until late in the afternoon in one of the runs where I was at the last corner and the rear end felt very unstable mid drift nek minit all I could smell was burnt rubber and smoke coming from the rear. I got out of the car to see my wheel pressed against the firewall. I immediately thought I must have bent something. So I babied the car back to the pits which looked like I was doing a brakie the whole way.

 Once we got to the pits we were ready to see whats bent and replace it as we had plenty of spares. To our surprise the knuckle had cracked where it meets the lower control arm. We ended up getting it towed to a friend’s place in Goulburn, and the car still resides until we go back to fix it.

So we planned to fix the R33 last week but we had a slight mishap with my Black Stagea. When I was travelling home to get a hicas balljoint for the donor rear knuckle.

 Just off the harbour bridge I was giving the Stagea a hit to overtake a car when I noticed a plume of white smoke coming from the exhaust. As I stopped at the off ramp at the lights, white smoke started pouring from the bonnet.

I quickly turned the car off and let it sit for a while. I feared the worst but when I opened up the bonnet staring at me was the top tank of the radiator totally cracked from side to side. We ended up using Adams alloy radiator to replace the stock one but unfortunately the car still had overheating woes when it went up hills and had a bad case of white smoke out of the exhaust.

 Adam believed the thermostat wasn’t opening and it was late so had to wait the next day to get it sorted. The next day we headed to Nissan to get a genuine thermostat and replaced it but still had the overheating problems and white smoke from the exhaust.. At this stage I had enough so got the car towed to Dahtone Racing.

Upon arrival at Dahtone the Stagea decided not to start and was rolled off the tow truck. There was something different about the car not starting it wasn’t your normal battery gone dead sort of not starting. Anth came over and had listen and said the Stagea had hydrolocked. He told us to remove all the coilpacks and plugs and disconnect the CAS and turn over the engine and if it’s locked it’ll spit out the liquid out of the holes where the plugs were. So Adam and I got cracking at removing everything then started to turn the engine over.

 It was true! coolant started flying out of the holes like a fountain. We put everything back together and the car started and was hydro unlocked! But still with white smoke and running rough we decided to throw the towel in and Anth believed that the headgasket is most likely buggered. So the Stagea was left in the capable hands of Anth. This whole ordeal ended up delaying Adams car which should have went in the next day!

Anth has confirmed that the headgasket was completely buggered and I will be getting the timing belt and water pump changed at the same time.


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  1. Vedat October 8, 2012 at 6:35 pm #

    Unlucky with everything. Nice write up!!

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