The bumpy road to the Wakefield Matsuri

There is no rest for the wicked, well at least not for Julie, Benny and I. Last weekend we were up at Coffs Harbour for the Raleigh drift fest. This weekend we made the our way to the Raceline Events – Wakefield Matsuri.

As always, nothing seems to be straight forward with us. Upon departure on Friday afternoon, Julie’s S14 started to smoke up from the engine bay. She pulled to the side of the Hume highway, waiting for me to catch up to the convoy.

There was a fair bit of oil seeping from the rocker cover, onto the manifold, turbo and surrounding parts. We had no choice but to tow it back to Dahtone Racing, in hope to get it sorted.

Anthony did some work on it a few days before to get it tip-top for matsuri, one of the parts he installed were the GK Tech rocker arm stoppers. Anyway the rocker cover gasket was completely shot, it was extremely brittle and had many cracks on it.

Luckily, Anth had a few spare SR20’s in the shop which one of them had a good gasket.

This got us out of trouble, and on our way to Goulburn.

Julie’s Silvia performed flawlessly throughout the whole weekend. It had some big offs and nothing broke! not even those stupid sideskirts came off … one day they will, one day.

Julie’s driving is getting much better too, with only her second time out on a dry track I think she’s doing pretty awesome!

I did some driving myself, both in Julie’s and Benny’s car. We stuck mostly to the “long track” too. I never really used to like it, but it has definitely grown on me.

Everything was going sweet until the last hour of the Matsuri. I noticed the battery light had come on, on the dash. I figured we had chewed a wire out somewhere but gave the car a rest before heading out.

After a few stops in search of fuel, we ended up at the Shell/McDonald’s on the Hume highway near Suttons forest. Upon pulling into the bowser, the S14 had completely shut off.

After doing some snooping, I quickly realised there’s some sort of problem with the alternator. The lovely service attendant had told us to move our shit, so a few of the guys from our convoy helped roll the Sil up the road.

 We then started to weigh up our options, whether to source a new alternator and leave the car, or get it towed home. Julie is the kind that just wants shit done. She doesn’t like leaving her stuff in unfamiliar places (especially her car).

Anyway, I poked my head around the engine bay and check the main power connection to the alternator.

The terminal had snapped clean off the alternator. The alternator was loose too. It was odd as it hasn’t been touched in some time.  Anyway we pulled out all our tools from Benny’s Stagea and got to work.

We managed to get the alternator tight, bodge up the wiring so it starts, and get the car home on its own accord.

Ah, the things we do for drift.

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