The journey to Raleigh Raceway

The weekend was near, which ment Benny Julie and I were frantically preparing for our road trip up north, to attend the AE86 Driving club, Drift fest at Raleigh raceway.

As usual, my plans didn’t come together and I didn’t end up taking the Stagea (missing events is starting to become a trend for me). Luckily, Benny had his Stagea so carrying tyres, tools and spares wasn’t an issue.

Due to the setbacks my Stagea had, we left Sydney late Friday afternoon, which ment we arrived in Coffs Harbour just before mid-night. We were knackered from the somewhat 600km drive, so shortly after finding our resort we crashed out.

 Saturday morning at the crack of dawn, we were out of bed and getting ready to head out to Raleigh Raceway … roughly 25km south of Coffs Harbour.

The entrance to Raleigh was confusing at first, there was a long stretch of road that went through acreage. There were plenty of cows and horses near by too. We all thought we had taken a wrong turn. But we went on.

A few minutes later, we were greeted by the Raleigh raceway entrance, we were defiantly in the right spot.

Getting closer and closer to the track, we could all hear the unmistakable sound of individual throttle body induction noise, and tyres squealing their heads off.

We had arrived, the AE86DC Drift fest was well underway.

As usual, Benny wasted no time unpacking and getting out on the track. I jumped in the passenger seat, eager to see first-hand what this track was like.

It’s a tight layout with minimal run-off, and is great for lower powered cars. It really made me miss my MX5, it would have been perfect for such a place.

Halfway through the day, Benny’s Skyline developed a constant misfire so we let it cool off and had some lunch.

After chilling out for a bit we kicked over the engine and the misfire was still present, so we started to diagnose what the problem could be.

The result, Benny blew a coilpack. With no spares and the car running on 5 cylinders, it was the end of his weekend of drifting.

He was pretty devo (as you would be) so we chilled out at the track a little longer, then packed up and headed to the resort for the day.

So from this point, our priorities had changed. We treated this road-trip like a holiday now. So we chilled out on the beach and drank Asahi for most of it.

At a blink of an eye, it was time to head back to Sydney. Although things didn’t work out for Benny or myself, we still made the most of it.


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