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A lot has happened since the last update. The Stagea has been tuned, and I spent every night after work getting it tip-top for the Driving Sports – Day of drift at Sydney Motorsport park.

The first port of call was to replace my poorly designed solid diff mounts for GK Tech items. The original plan was to do it with the subframe in the car. Yeah like that was going to happen!

The whole rear end was pulled from underneath the car, just to change two bushes. This was quite time-consuming as you could imagine.

I was at a point where I was ready to kick the Stagea off the stands. I had finally cracked, lost my patience with it all. Thankfully Jeff had some spare time and helped me keep calm and get the job done.

Next up, I needed to sort out some way of running an air filter. After a bit of pondering, Jeff and I came up with a way that we could do it while utilising what I had lying around at home.

With that done and dusted, I was in desperate need of a wheel alignment. I have been playing around with the height, camber, castor and toe settings all week in order to get the wheels to sit where I want.

I’m sure most people have trouble finding a decent align guy. Benny was recommended to Rat from Rational Automotive sometime last year and he did a fantastic job on the R33.

Funnily enough, I had forgotten about Rat for a while, but now I don’t go anywhere else.  Best of all, he’s open on Saturdays too. So I was up bright and early getting some fresh settings dialed into the Stagea.

After that I headed up to Dahtone, where Anth and I went over the car one last time before its maiden voyage at Sydney Motorsport Park the following day.

Everything was ready to rock, and I was super excited to do a drift day in my own car again!


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