Matsuri – Paulie styles

So it’s that time again when the Run It Hard! crew pack their bags, stuff their cars full of tyres and trundle on down to Wakefield Park for a couple of days skidding.

And as always it doesn’t always quite go to plan. Adam and Julie had a few dramas on the way down… I will leave that for those guys to tell you all about it.

For me I did everything right.

I got my car prepped weeks in advance with new brakes and a new alloy radiator lovingly installed by Anth, Broadie and I at Dahtone racing.

I even got new tyres for my daily wheels so I could safely drive too and from the track and not have to worry about damaging tyres at the track.

Benny and I got to the track on Friday just in time to get scrutineered and get a few laps in…. And that’s when things started to go wrong for me.

My car passed no problem. But just as I got out on to the track I was told by the starting official to bugger off and that I had done my laps… I tried to argue the point but to no avail. I am pretty sure he got me and Benny confused…. As you can see below. I fail to see how.

So as my usual self I take it in my stride and decide to give no fucks about it and drink beer instead. I have 2 days of drifting ahead.

So roll on Saturday morning. With a slight hang over, I top up the U-Boat and cruise to the track. As I am taking the rear wheels off it all begins to come unstuck…. I can’t get several of the wheel nuts off…. And before you all call me a girly man, there is good reason behind this.

The wheel nuts are an internal hex design. And when I got the C-Ultras put on the car, I asked the tyre shop to get me new studs for the spacers that are required to run the wheels. Anyway… the arse clowns at Jax Quick Fit in Haberfield got the wrong wheel studs. They were a mile too long, so only about 5mm of the hex key would go in the nut. Further the thread on the studs was too short, meaning for the wheels to be on tight, the nut had to be tightened past the end of the thread. In turn crushing the thread on the nut.

Now I had to take the nut off, crushing the thread on the stud as I go. As you can see here, the damage has been done.

It took that much force to get them off that the nuts got that hot, a scorch march could be seen on the other side of the metal wheel nut.


Anyway, back to my enchanted tale. I was stuck with a rounded hex nut and no way of getting it off. I was angry and devastated at the same time. I was about ready to pack all my shit up and drive home when Sam “whiteballz aka Moustached Manatee” Whitehead talked me in to taking the car to the local tyre shop to see what they could do.

I took his advice and trundled on in to town not expecting much. A rounded nut is a rounded nut… not much hope for it. I roll up in to Mick and Joe’s Discount Tyres and out of the workshop strolled out a lanky old guy with a Winnie red in his mouth and a wheel brace. A couple of grunts and some vulgar metaphors later I was in luck. I have no idea how this guy half my size managed to get off a wheel nut that I had been working on for 20 mins…. Even more so considering he was paying more attention to his smoke than the wheel nut.

What happened next was even more awesome. The guys at the shop let me use their gear and space to swap my rear tyres over. Upon finding the boss and offering him some cash, which he refused to accept, I was sent on my way to enjoy a day and a half of drifting with the guys.

Firstly, big thanks to The Moustached Manatee Sam, for keeping my hopes up and coming with me in to town, I hope the rides through the day was worth it.

Big thanks to these guys at Mick and Joe’s Discount Tyres shop. You saved my weekend and I hope you enjoyed the beers.

And an even bigger thanks to the Run It Hard! crew. For the laughs, help, ideas, mischief and Best weekend drifting I have had. I can’t wait till next time.

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