Playing catch up

So it’s time for an update on the Stagea. As always I’ve been tinkering with it one way or another.

I was in need of a boost gauge and I happened to find one when hanging out at Khoa’s joint. It was exactly what I needed (Racetech 52mm white back light). So I nabbed it off him and tried to figure out where to put it.

After toying around with many ideas I glanced at the cluster cover and thought it would be a perfect spot. Visibility isn’t the best but its hidden which is what I wanted.

I discovered both tierods were bent (one worse than the other). I think the right one (drivers side) has been bent since EC, and the left was done at Wakefield. I made some S14/R33 tie rods work by cutting down the adjustment thread by 15mm. They happen to be thicker than the Stagea rods too so hopefully they’ll last a little longer.

The Stagea had a heavy knocking sound on big bumps so I figured the bumpstops weren’t doing their job. They weren’t as bad as I thought and I later realised that my shocks weren’t causing the sound. In fact it is my upper control arm hitting the chassis.

The bumpstops I bought were to suit the ol’ Ford Falcon and they were a perfect fit, who would have thought?!

After braking a traction rod at Wakefield. I decided to go back to OEM with the bottom boxed up. I had a look at all my spares and noticed that I had a few that are already boxed. I didn’t know they came like this OEM. I only had two so I’m guessing they came off the Stagea in the first place.

After finding out I had some cash in my Paypal account, I placed an order on a 10cm turbine housing for my TD06. It’ll probably arrive mid January and it should change the cars power delivery dramatically.

Last but not least, the Stagea got sideswiped last night. I was on my way home from work and they were doing road works on a 3 lane road. Anyway it merged into two and I happened to be in the middle lane. I was sitting in between a Semi and another big truck and the semi decided to cut me off … which resulted in me locking up.

The Truck in the left lane was weaving in and out (of his own lane) and had come into my lane for a split second, while I locked up. He ended up taking out my mirror, my indicator, rashed the shit out of the front wheel and left some nice lines in the paint work .

In a sence I’m lucky that it wasn’t a worse accident, but still I copped it for someone elses negligence, and it sucks!

On that note, drive safe! Seems like all the morons come out on the roads when it’s holiday season.

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  1. tim December 21, 2012 at 5:39 pm #

    sorry mate but chances are the trucks didn’t see you.

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