The curse has been broken

There was a small drift event run by initial D yesterday at the humble Wakefield park raceway. The whole week I had been deciding whether to attend in the Stagea.

After a lot of convincing from Jeff, and a ridiculously cheap entry fee ($120), I was in!

Jeff, Chris and I headed down to Goulburn on Saturday night. We wrenched on the R33 and the Stagea at Jeff’s through-out the night, ready for a day of drift.

As much as I love Wakefield, I had thoughts at the back of my mind that this was a bad idea. Probably because of what happened to my R33, and always missing Wakefield Matsuris.

All in all, the Stagea some-what lasted the day. It was trolling me with power delivery, just like at EC the week before, and I didn’t get as many runs as I had hoped. But, I drifted Wakie in my own car for once!

I broke a traction rod, I bent a tie rod, I popped off an intercooler pipe and I melted my boost lines off the turbo.  The Stagea still soldiered on and got me home.

I’m glad I went though. As I now know for certian what needs to be changed/modified before the boat sees another drift day.

Bring on 2013!



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