Photo dump: Cursed Sundays x Run It Hard! chill out shesh

Cursed sundays 8

On Sunday Julie and I headed down to Wollongong to hang out with a few mates from Cursed Sundays. One thing led to another and we decided to take some pics of the cars at Luke’s crib.

Cursed sundays 9

Luke is on the verge of completing his RB25 powered S13. He previously owned a R33 Skyline but it was totaled. So he salvaged the running gear and whacked it into the S chassis.

Cursed sundays 4

Frank’s S15 has the less is more approach, it has everything it needs to hang its ass out, and nothing else.

Cursed sundays 12

Dom happens to have a love, hate relationship with his S14 … as there has been many ups and downs. Now it’s looking better than ever, but don’t let that fool you … it gets driven hard.

Cursed sundays

Put all three cars in the same spot, and you have an awesome S chassis trio.


Luke was itching to take my car for a drive, so I let him drive down to Chickos. Many lols were had on the way.

Cursed sundays 2
You’ll see these cool cats, along with myself and Benny at the upcoming Cursed Sundays drift day.

More photos of the day below:

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