Results – Guess the power figure

Kando TD06 RB25 dyno chart

For a while now I’ve been running a guess the power figure competition, where the three closest guesses won Run It Hard! merchandise.

Readers had two seperate chances (here and here) to guess what power they thought the Stagea would put down on the rollers.

Well the results are in, the Stagea made 315HP/235KW on 18psi. Not exactly how much I was expecting (as I’m sure many others were also expecting more) but it’s the result none the less.

Out of the 61 guesses recorded on the blog, the winners are:

1st place – Phouc guessed 234kw, only 1kw off the final power output
2nd place –  B3n guessed 233kw, only 2kw off the final power output
3rd place – Troy guessed 239kw, 4kw off the final power output

I’ll be in touch with the winners shortly. Thanks to all who participated, and we’re open for ideas on future competetions!

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