My second year of ownership

2 year

One day and two years ago, I was in Camperdown (somewhere in Vic) picking up a completely original Nissan Stagea RS4 DAYZ edition. So I thought it would be good to go over the past two years of ownership, all the ups, downs, achievements and heart breaks.

A group of four (including myself) headed to the Sydney domestic airport at the crack of dawn. We flew to Melbourne, hired a car and drove for 2 hours to get this Stagea. At the time, it was the exact model I wanted, colour and had the elusive DAYZ bodykit. It was reasonably priced and had low kilometers too. It was a very clean example compared to others I had seen previously.

drift march 11

March 2011

At this point I had only owned the car for 6 days, there was a skid pan event coming up and Yuan, among with a few other mates were suggesting I should take the boat for an afternoon sailing session. I ended up being convinced a few hours before the event so straight after work I headed to Dahtone Racing and Anthony pulled out the front shaft for me … it has been out ever since.

I was keen to see what it’s got and it blew my expectations away, I was very impressed with it.

peak may 11

May 2011

This was probably the peak of the first build, a lot of parts I had ordered from Japan had arrived and made their way on the car. I had my old Weds Borphes (which made their way to Julie’s S14) on at the time too. Most mods were mainly cosmetic and suspension.

Drivng Sports - Twilight Drift June 1

June 2011

This is the month where everything was tipped on its head. I had just been informed that I was going to lose my licence for 6 months, for speeding in Victoria when I picked up the Stagea. I was pretty shitty to say the least but life goes on.

Anyway at one point I took this as a positive, as I had my manual conversion parts lying around, along with aftermarket ECU and all sorts of stuff … waiting to go onto the car. But somewhere along the line I decided that I was bored with the car, and I should get rid of it seeing that I can’t drive for 6 months.

It was also the first time I drifted it in the dry, again exceeding my expectations … the Stagea loves the skids.

back to stock august 11

August 2011

At this point the Stagea was stripped back to stock and I even put it up for sale. Somewhere along the line I bought that bucket of shit R33 skyline and well the Stagea was neglected.

november 11 matsuri

November 2011

The first Raceline Wakefield matsuri, the Skyline was destined to drift at this event but I blew my first engine at Wakefield two weeks prior. I couldn’t sell my spot so I took the Stagea out on the track to try my luck. Did it skid … yeah, nah.

modded july - september

July – September 2012

July was the month the Stagea got a new lease on life, after the brand new rebuilt engine had failed in the Skyline, I decided enough was enough, so I cut my losses and parted it out. I did keep some goodies off it for the Stagea though.

Parting out the Skyline ment I could go on a shopping spree, so I did and I bought a stack of parts from Japan that landed around September.

new exhaust setup

October 2012

The Stagea had made its way to Dahtone Racing, ready to under-go an extensive list of modifications. Everything I had originally planned and more.

Manual conversion, bigger turbo, exhaust, intercooler the lot. We happened to have a lot of set backs during this period and ultimately it cost me missing out on two events I had planned to go to since the new rebuild.

drifting dec 12

December 2012

December was a good month, I finally got out to the track in my own car. Although there were many flaws with the setup I still managed to have some fun in it.

worst luck collage

January 2013

This month was pretty shitty, I had a brake caliper fall off, a turbo oil drain hose perish, a truck side swipped the passenger side and I got pulled over and fined for running an amber light.

definitely wasn’t a good start to the year.

Nissan Stagea drift 4

February 2013

I did some more drift days and sorted out some bugs, I was starting to get comfortable with the car and more confident.

Sacked Stagea SSR Vienna 3

March 2013

Here we are, right now I have a broken Stagea … kinda. The diff blew at the last South circuit practice night and rego runs out this month. So the Stagea is getting a rest and will be revamped slightly. There are a few things I want to do that have been bugging me for a while now.

So within two years, my Stagea has gone through a lot of changes. Although all the shit that has happened with it, it’s still been the best car I’ve ever owned. I hope to have it in my possession for many years to come.


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