Photo dump: Full day drifts at South Circuit


So weeks have passed and pictures have trickled through from various photographers, covering the last South circuit practice day. There was a heap of coverage on both the Stagea and Skyline too which is pretty cool! Lets go through the pics.


As soon as we had arrived, we were greeted by Krista from Kinetic imagery and Mitch from MPN Digital.


Here’s Benny doing what he loves, looks like he is enjoying himself to haha!


It was Paulie’s first time out on the South circuit, going over the vids he kept improving throughout the day.


I like this pic that was taken by Seb from Slow & Serious, I think this was taken in the Morning session when the Stagea wasn’t acting up.

Skyline and Stagea tandem

Throughout the day Benny and I were getting some tandems happening, such a shame I couldn’t keep up out of the pits (clutch slipping under power).  Was so much fun though, good to finally do some close driving with him again.


If you were at the last South Circuit day, you would have seen the Stagea in this pose for most of it. I can’t remember how many times I came into the pits to fix shit.


Another pic of Paulie’s R33. He let me have a drive of it in the arvo because nice guy. Had a crazy amount of rear end grip! was like learning to drive all over again haha.


Benny was a maniac last event, but he always is. It’s the quiet ones you’ve got to watch out for as they say. Oh and he lost his side skirts as usual..


The Stagea was so good to drive for the brief moments that it worked properly. I started gaining confidence and the Stagea started smoking tyres..


As did Benny, ARDC let us drift turn 10, which makes for epic bakes.


Sammy is a wizard with the Camera, always gets great shots.

Thanks to Kinetic imagery, MPN Digital, Slow & Serious photography and for the awesome photos!




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