Video dump: Drifting the creek

Time for a video dump! Over the weekend I compiled some footage of just the Stagea, there was plenty of content so I figured why not.

After I had uploaded it to YouTube, I noticed in the recommended to watch section there was some outside footage recorded of the day, by MPN Digital.

So I decided to watch it and saw the Stagea pop up straight away. I was chuffed. It looks and sounds the business from outside haha.

I continued to watch and there was some tandem action with Benny too, yeah buddy!

Here’s a vid I came across from Kinetic imagery, looks to be last months practice day I went too. Super cool seeing outside footage.

Last but certainly not least, is Scott Mitchell’s latest vid covering the day, as always a good watch!

There’s a photo dump coming up next, then time to get the cars ready for Matsuri.

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