All good things come to an end

Stagea cleaned

I’m sure word has travelled across the internet, that the Stagea has recently gone to a new home. While I was undecided whether to part ways with it or not over the course of a few months, I finally decided the time had come.

Everyone remembers my horrible R33 skyline that fucked my life. Well I’ve still been trying to recover from the debts that it put me in. Whilst if I was smart enough I shouldn’t have built the Stagea as quick as I did. But not having something to track for so long really got to me.  I think about it sometimes and regret using the money I got back from parting out the Skyline, to build the Stagea to a degree. But hey, you can’t change the past.

Anyway, along with that I’ve got other things going on which quite frankly are more important than a piece of metal on wheels. With all that said, it wasn’t an easy decision. I had never intended to sell the Stagea and if I wasn’t stuck in the rutt that I’ve been in for a while then it would still be in my possession.

I guess what gets to me the most is that it was oh so close to being ‘complete’ but I guess that is part of the parcel.

Stagea driving off

The new owner, Brad contacted me soon after I had advertised it for sale, we teed up to meet on Saturday. The cash was handed down, and the papers were signed. The Stagea was no longer mine.

Brad vowed to take good care of it, and I believe him. I’m glad it has gone to a good home where some will appreciate it for what it is. Maybe one day when I have my priorities right and a wad of cash burning in my pocket, I’ll build another Stagea.

Cya later LOLVO!

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  1. Cam October 30, 2013 at 6:20 pm #

    Hi bro ive seen ur stagea on youtube looks sick as man i was wanting to get the same front bumper as u got do u know the name of it or is it factory or were i can get it im from newzealand and i cant seem to find that front bumper any info would be alot of help cheers


    • Adam November 13, 2013 at 11:13 pm #

      Hey mate, it’s called a DAYZ front bumper. DAYZ were like a limited edition to the normal Stagea. So it’s factory but just hard to come by. Best bet would to look in Japan.

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