More South circuit action

The ARDC announced a week prior to the last South circuit event, that the competition was cancelled and will resume to be a practice day. Our original plan was to go to the Wakefield Matsuri which is coming up in a few days, but we figured we’d hit up SC once again.

Kinetic Imagery was out and about again and managed to get a Vid of Benny and I in tandem, its bloody crazy how small his R33 looks next to the Stagea.


Eiji from Team Redstage made the trek from the ACT to check out the South circuit, he got plenty of coverage of the Stagea too.


Benny was killing it, laying down solid runs consistently. Starting to get ballsy on the first corner too … he managed to tap the barrier with his rear bumper, which resulted in it flying away haha.


I wish I could say the same thing about myself. I was pretty sketchy most of the day and finally started getting some good runs down towards the end of the event. I need to work on my entry to the first corner a lot more too.


It took me a while, but I managed to convince Julie to bring the S14 out and try the South circuit. She was a little bummed that we are no longer going to Wakefield, but luckily she enjoyed herself and considering it’s her first time out, she destroyed it!


I would have thought the Stagea would behave and let me just focus on drifting, but it wasn’t ment to be. In the morning it started popping out the dip stick, something it’s never done before.


Puzzled to say the least, I gave Anth a call and he told me to vent the catch can. After I did this all was well until I had a glimpse of the oil pressure gauge coming up to the first corner.

It was dropping from 80PSI down to 20-30PSI on full boost. I babied it for a few laps just to see exactly what was going down. It was dropping consistently and only near full boost. So I kept going and hoped for the best.


The Stagea survived the day and is running like a champ. When I got home I had a look at my previous videos from the South circuit and it was dropping pressure too.

It seems some GTR owners have had the same problem, and their remedy was to over fill the oil by roughly 1 litre. I used to do this but I think I stopped after the oil cooler install. Hopefully that’ll fix it.


I’d love to get my R33 front suspension together before the next day, or even just a wheel alignment and straight tie rods. I’ve been driving with bent rods for 3 maybe 4 events now. I’ve finally figured out why they bend too, which I shall touch on soon.

Thanks to the photographers for the coverage!


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