R33 SMP Friday Drift Practice Recap

Bennys 33 side

So most of you are aware that Me, Adam and Paulie headed to Sydney Motorsport Park for Drift Practice on 12/4/2013. Here’s a quick recap of what went down before and on the day.

With the R33 coming towards the end of its transformation as a drift pig there was one last thing to be done. Adam was kind enough to chuck in the JDI Knuckles over Easter that I had lying around since I was on 21 day straight working spree to pay for skids. On the week leading up to drift practice I called my usual wheel aligner to be informed that he longer has a shop and only working on weekends being Saturday  and skids was on the following Friday there was no hope of getting a wheel alignment by this guy.

I was kinda in panic mode trying to think of whom to go through for my wheel alignment. I vaguely remember on forums that Jax Liverpool are a decent bunch for alignments. So called them up asked if I could bring it in on Monday they told me bring it first thing I was stoked!

On the Monday took my car to Jax Liverpool I was the first car in for the alignment. As usual nothing goes as planned and it seemed that they couldn’t get anymore caster out of the r33 arms due to the way they were installed. They said it would have to keep the car till the afternoon as they already had about 3-4 cars waiting for alignment. I was cool with that they called me in the afternoon and told me the car was done and in all the alignment cost 66 bucks and 14 bucks for fixing the caster arm. So you can say I’m one happy camper.

I went for a little more aggressive set up this time in terms of alignment as I was having problems with the wiring loom and the wheel. Final settings are

Camber -4
Toe out 3mm each side
Caster 8 degrees

Camber -2
Toe 0mm


So onto the drifting! Something I read about on ns.com was that sometimes it’s good to have a list of things that you want to achieve from the day of drifting rather than keep doing the same thing. With my last attendance I was very disappointed in the way I went so I made sure I set some rules and stuck by them. One thing that I was never comfortable with initiating drifts with the clutch. I don’t like kicking the clutch to start manjiing but in terms of entering a corner I was a bit unco.

So this drift practice I told myself I was only allowed to initiate the drift at turn 6 of the South Circuit with clutch.


At the start it took me a while to get use to initiating with the clutch and finding the right point to initiate in relationship to my speed. As the day progressed I was starting to initiate the drifts earlier and closer to the barriers. The extra lock was good and took some time getting use to it but I love having it. I’m keen on pushing much harder next time and use the full extent of lock on my entries which should be interesting.


With another drift practice gone we are now looking forward to Wakefield Matsuri where I will get to try out the new lock and see how much of it I can use! Nothing needs to be done to the R33 as it’s a trooper just needed to get some tyres flipped and its game on!


Here is also a video I’ve mashed up of the progress from the beginning of the day to the end.

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