The quest for more – Part III

Stagea and skyline knuckles

After the discoveries that my original R33 knuckle conversion plan needed more work. I went back to the drawing board and weighted up other options.

It wasn’t until I put a Stagea/GTR knuckle and R33 knuckle side by side where I started getting fresh ideas.

The main issue was the fact that the 4WD LCA uses completely different mounting system to RWD. I thought about things like adding some sort of ball joint, but with the LCA being a cast piece and not much room to do so, I scrapped that almost instantly.

So then I thought some more, and looked closer at both knuckles.

Run It Hard! Hybrid Stagea knuckle

Sooner or later I finally came up with something that should work and be quite effective. It essentially consists of merging the 4WD knuckle into the R33 piece. The LCA mounting point will be cut and welded underneath the LCA mount on the R33 knuckle.

The spindle from the 4WD unit will also make its way over. Which will mean this will be a direct drop in part. (The spindles on the 4WD unit are larger, thus needing different bearings between knuckles).

Standard R33 skyline knuckle

There happens to be a difference in height between 4WD and RWD knuckles, so I’ve requested for steering arm point to be as low as possible. That paired with the LCA mount underneath the RWD section, should bring it near the original 4WD knuckle height, (RWD is significantly shorter). But with the hub roughly 20mm higher, correcting roll centre to some degree.

Standard Stagea-GTR knuckle

All the knuckles are on their way to JDI Fabrication, for Jake to work his magic.

Once they come back, they’ll make their way into the Stagea. Where I’ll need to design a bump stop and figure out what to do with my brake lines. I’m  expecting to set up the Stagea for some pretty crazy lock. So far it looks like I have all the ingredients to do so. The 4WD subframe is quite an interesting piece, and appears to offer more inner clearance than RWD versions out of the box.

Steering rack positioning

It also appears that the steering rack is quite a bit closer to the LCA on the 4WD subframe (top) compared to RWD (bottom). Which could potentially mean I shouldn’t have any issues with going over centre/binding.

Everything seems super promising on paper, I can’t wait to see how well this actually goes down.

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