Getting it ready

JDI knuckles kts tie rod ends

With just a few days left until Glory days, I needed to get the remaining parts installed into the Skyline pronto.

One of the key parts I really wanted installed were the JDI knuckles that I had made for the Stagea, as these were straight R33 knuckles I was able to utilise them on my Skyline. With these knuckles you need a longer rack end/tie rod. After trying some Maxima ends in Bunny’s car I needed to cut them down 20mm to make them work. For my car I’ve discovered that rack ends from a Nissan Pulsar N16 are a direct fit. Though if I had extended LCAS the Maxima rack ends would be a better choice.

Paulie cutting up shit

Upon install we had an issue with the bracing hitting the lock stop on the LCA, so we decided the stops needed the chop! Paulie was over to help and he was keen to cut stuff (he’s a destructive fella). He wasn’t keen that I lost my safety glasses, so I got the next best thing for him.

JDI knuckle lock result

With the lock stops removed the R33 gained quite a bit more lock than Benny’s Skyline. The wheels were super close to touching stuff to so it all worked out well in the end.

Racetech peak series gauges

I finished off my gauge install too, I decided to mount them on the dash. You don’t really notice them in the din slot when going sideways. I opted for Racetechs new “PEAK” series gauges. They are pretty cool, you can see the highest/lowest values the gauges have recorded and have a built in warning system that you can set.

broken profec B

I had boost control issues since ownership, anyway when installing the gauges I had discovered how the Profec B was installed. It was essentially removed from it’s casing and hung behind the interior surround. So upon removal of the surround the whole unit collapsed, awesome!

inside a boost tee

The profec wasn’t really working well to begin with so I went with a plain jane boost tee. I needed to shorten the spring within the tee to achieve my desired boost of 10psi. It’s a great simple bit of kit though and holds boost solid. Perfect for guys that don’t want variable boost settings.

black radiator installed

A new radiator made it’s way into the engine bay. I painted the top and sides black, I really like how it looks in black as apposed to the polished aluminium finish they come in.

subaru engine cleaner

Finally a service was done on the ol’ RB25 to make sure it’s ready for a thrashing. The car idles rough on idle and has a hard time starting when cold. So I thought instead of ripping the solenoids apart for a clean I’d give this stuff a try.

The car did run much smoother after spraying the engine cleaner into the RB25. It helped with my rough idle and oddly enough, it didn’t hit R&R when I was running 12psi for a day or so. Though cold start is still bad so I’ll need to pull the sensor apart and give it a thorough clean.

Skyline whiteline swaybars

I picked up a set of White line sway bars for cheap, so they made their way into the R33 as well. After all this was sorted, I headed to Jax Liverpool to get an alignment and some tyres fitted.

With all that out of the way, the Skyline was ready for it’s debut at Wakefield park.

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