HnR Glory Days – R33 Invasion

R33 brosssssss

The day had come, Benny and I were destined to drift together in R33’s once again. We were both super pumped up to get some solid runs down together in similar cars and just fuck shit up and laugh about it. The event held by Hit and Run drift club was held at the humble Wakefield park in Goulburn, which is always a blast to drive on.

I never look forward to the drive to and from Wakefield though. This time it wasn’t so bad for some reason, we left a little later than usual so that could be why. Anyway we stopped off at BP just before Goulburn to fill up, and Julie happened to snap some pics of us.

R33s filling up

So we loaded up our Jerry cans and continued the journey to Wakefield. As soon as we unpacked, and signed in. We grabbed our helmets and headed out. Short track was being run at that time so it was perfect to try get our entries down pat, and stay close to each other.


Within a few hours we had some good solid runs, I was getting used to my new R33, and Benny was getting loose in his. We did have a few dramas though. In one of my runs I came up short into the esses and hit the ripple strip at full speed, which ended up buckling my driver’s side wheel. I also lost power while entering the first corner. I later discovered I didn’t have a battery tie down. As for Benny’s car …

Pushing Bennys R33 dumaa

It developed an electrical problem, at first it was blowing the engine control fuse. We looked around and fixed some possible shorts and then it started to smoke underneath the dash, so we called it quits and got it towed to a friend’s house in Goulburn. It seems Benny’s R33 isn’t too fond of HnR days. Last one we attended he broke a rear knuckle. It was a shame Benny’s day was cut short but we’ll get it sorted and back out soon.

R33 skyline drift wakefield

Other then the battery disconnecting itself and buckling a Buddyclub P1, my new Skyline preformed flawlessly. I wasn’t too kind on it either, I just went all out and it felt great to not have a care in the world. I felt like I drove a lot better than I ever have in the Stagea too. I was always worried about breaking something or damaging the body in the wagon. I couldn’t really give a shit about the Skyline … it’s much more disposable and I like that.


With all the modifications I carried out prior to the event, I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s super well-balanced, and is set up perfectly for a great, fun budget drift car. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to use third but the 4.3 gearing has made that happen. Super stoked with how it performed and I can’t wait to get consistent driving it … and becoming a better driver. The only thing I could pick on is that I can’t keep up with Benny on exit speeds, but that’s probably because he has quite a bit more power than me. Which I’ll address one day. Right now my focus is consistency!

Here’s a video I put together of the day. I felt like I did pretty good, or better than I’ve been in the Stagea at Wakefield (really struggled at Wakie with the Stagea). But there is always room for improvement! My love for Wakefield has been rekindled, I was more of a South circuit guy with the Stagea but I think I much prefer Wakie in the Skyline.



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