Wheel whoring at it’s finest

wheel collection

It’s no secret that I love those round shaped things called wheels. Over the years I’ve owned over a whopping 20 sets of wheels. Not including factory items or pairs … holy balls!

So naturally, when I decided that I was going to get the new Skyline, the quest was on to figure out what wheels will make their way onto it. This wasn’t ment to happen straight away as I already had the P1s. But bigger wheels and rim to guard is calling my name, and I suck at resisting temptation.

WEDS LXZ 18x9 18X10 +15

What makes matters worse is that Benny checks out Yahoo auctions a few times a week. So when I told him I want to rock 18’s sooner than I thought. He magically came across a set of Weds LXZs in perfect stock body sizing. The LXZ being one of my all time faves, I decided to place a decent bid on them.

Superstar leon hardritt Orden 1

Anyway, somewhere along the line I was reminiscing about a set of Superstar Leon Hardritt Ordens I lost out on when I was building the Blue R33. I have loved Ordens ever since I laid my eyes on them, many years ago. They would have to be on top of my wish list for sure.  So what does Benny do? He finds a set in decent sizing that aren’t asking 1 billion yen off the bat.

Super excited I contacted Jesse to get a bid in. Which ment I had bidded on two sets of wheels. Luckily I was outbidded on the LXZ by 1000 yen just before the auction ended.

Superstar Leon Hardritt Orden 2

The Ordens look to be in good condition. So good that I’d kinda feel bad drifting on them buckling them or whatever, but being a 3 piece wheel it can always be refurbed and fixed if I had a big stack.

They are a decent size too 9.5 inches wide all round, +13 front and 0 rear. unfortunately I will need to use a spacer to clear brakes up front, but that’s ok as I’ll need more inner clearance due to the JDI knuckles. Will be a perfect fit under stock guards too. The rears will be touch and go. I might need to run a bit of camber if I want rim to guard so we’ll see what happens when they arrive.

Work euroline N2

My front pair of Euroline N2s had landed in Australia too recently. They are immac! The centres are candy apple red and there isn’t a mark on the lips. I was pleasantly surprised!

unfortunately I’ve got nothing to put them on now, so they’ve made their way to Benny until I go wide body or something. I’m happy that they are staying in the family though, have grown to love them.

prodrive GC05A

Last but not least, I bought a pair of Prodrive GC05A wheels from my boss, they came on a recent R32 he purchased for a project. We struck a deal I couldn’t refuse, after having them on the market for many weeks. These are 18×9 +20 and will make perfect skidders. If I found another pair on the cheap I’d probably rock them, they are a nice and simple wheel.

And that my friends is my recent tale of wheel whoring. No more wheels for a while … honest!

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