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Julies stagea stock

Most know of Benny’s daily driver, the sleek black Nissan Stagea. Well Benny decided that he didn’t want to use it as a support/tow car for the R33 and was looking to sell it for something more suitable.

We seem to have a common trend happening between each other. Either parts or cars will change from one bro in Run It Hard! to another.

Julie decided that it was time for an upgrade and had always liked Benny’s Stagea. So with a bit of chit-chat, the Stagea ended up in Julie’s possession, and Benny bought himself another car.

S14 subframe swap

We ended up taking the lot off Benny, the S14 subframe, camber and toe arms and even the Weds LXZs that have been destined to go on the car for over a year.

While Julie had three cars, I decided that it was now or never to get the S14 subframe installed. It’s a big job but I’ve done it so many times it isn’t funny.

filling subframe bushes

The swap was much more straight-forward then with my Stagea, mainly because I’ve done it a few times and that we were keeping the OEM bushes (I had subframe risers on mine).

The OEM S14 bushes were in decent condition, one had a crack so I got out the urethane and applied it liberally. All the recesses were filled and smoothed out too just because.

Stagea oem subframe

I’ve touched on it before, but the reasoning for installing an S14 or S15 rear subframe into a Stagea is because the automatic versions have a wider rear track. Which can make wheel fitment being an issue.

The S14/15 subframe is roughly 50mm narrower and brings the track even front and back. It also means you can fit massive wheels underneath the wagon.

weds kranze lxz

With the subframe installed, it was now time to get these precious LXZs mounted up.

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