Nissan Stagea sacked on LXZ

LXZ fitment on Stagea

Following on from my last post. After the sub frame install was complete we headed out to Taleb tyres to get some rubber mounted on the LXZs. Taleb sell decent tyres at a good price, and aren’t afraid of stretch like most stores. Originally we wanted Achilles ATR sport all round, but due to not having any stock on the fronts, we settled for Unigrips. Next step was bolting them onto the Stagea, and toying around with the height, toe and camber to get it sitting just the way we like it.

Julies stagea on LXZ

One downfall with Weds LXZ is that they don’t have much brake clearance. But luckily the Stagea brakes are rather slim so there are no need for spacers. Back in the day when I was helping Benny figure out what sizes to run on this beast, he came across these and I knew they would be absolutely perfect, and wouldn’t need much work at all to get them to fit.

Julie stagea lxz front

The front specs are 18×9 -2 with a 225/40R18

stagea lxz rear side

The rear specs are 18×10 -7 with a 235/40R18

Stagea lxz side on

In a perfect world, the Stagea would be as low as my old one. But considering this is the car we take to the shops and all that boring stuff, it needs to kinda get over speed humps without much fuss. I guess it’s a great compromise for it looking good whilst being fairly practical.

Julie stagea lxz rear

With the Wheels out-of-the-way, the next steps are to finish off the exterior. The front windows have been tinted 15% to match the privacy glass. New black slimline plates are on their way too. I’m currently on the hunt for a DAYZ rear lip as it doesn’t have one for some odd reason. Julie doesn’t like the S2 version so I’ll retro-fit a S1 lip.

The Trust exhaust will be getting the flick too, just doesn’t suit the look of the car and is a tad too loud.  But I must say the Stagea has scrubbed up very nicely.

Specs are:

Wheels – Weds Kranze LXZ 18×9 -2 (F) 18×10 -7 (R)

Tyres – Unigrip 225/40R18 (F) Achilles ATR sport 235/40R18 (R)

Guard work – Rolled guards front and rear

Other work – Manual/Silvia rear sub frame installed

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