Photo dump: R33 aero mock up


Not many updates as of late because Julie and I have just purchased our first home and we’ve been doing the shuffle since. Now we are mostly settled in and I wanted a break from playing with the house. So I decided to play with the R33 instead.

I can’t remember if I’ve spoken about the cosmetics recently. In a nutshell the paint is shithouse and the clear is flaking like your typical bomb VN Commodore. It makes me a sad panda. Anyway I decided the best way to fix it would be to give the Skyline a fresh coat of paint. I originally wanted to stick to the same colour scheme but I then talked myself into changing the colour. All that effort spent on painting a car, you might as well right?


Ok let’s get back to the aero. The final version I’ve decided on is a KMAK/DMAX bonnet vent. OEM S1 grille and a Type-M/Mspec/S1.5 front bumper up front.


As for the rest of the car, it’ll be rocking Nismo 400R side skirts, an explosive rear lip and vanquish roof wing. It’ll also run Benny’s 30mm rear overfenders.


I was pretty set on running no rear spoiler, but I have finally come across a particular ducktail that I have been looking for since I owned my first R33. So that’ll make its way on the car before paint.


A few holes will get filled too, like the boot lock key and aerial. Quite a bit of work ahead of me but I’ve always wanted to paint a car.


Finally, I have decided on what colour the Skyline will be coated in. I don’t get how people can just pick a colour so easily. I spent nearly a month, made countless shortlists and looked at plenty colour charts and all that jazz. Next thing you know I’m staring at a colour I would never have thought of painting the car. But after getting a batch made and spraying one of the skirts it was set it stone.

The next step is to start prepping everything and buying the materials to take on such a task.

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  1. Michael M. February 17, 2017 at 3:05 pm #

    Hello, Great build! Just wanted to know if you had any updated pictures on your DMAX hood? Im looking to do the same, but i am afraid it will look ugly:/. Please reply! Thank you!

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