Another one bites the dust


This year has been pretty chaotic for my cars. I sold the Stagea roughly 4 months ago and now I bid the Skyline farewell. Why the sudden change, hmm I guess you could say I’ve outwitted myself. On my every day commute I happen to drive past several High Way Patrols monitoring the motorways. I know for a fact that if I made the R33 the way I wanted. They would all know me by my first name.

Having a mortgage and other bills, I can’t afford to piss money away like that. So I’ve decided it is time for track only. Something I can drive at it’s limits and give no fucks when shit goes sour. I’ve also sold my cherished Leon Hardritt Ordens … selling those alone paid for my new tow car. Crazy when you think about it like that.

Ok so I haven’t told the whole truth, the original plan was to sell everything car related and smash down a personal loan that has been daunting me since the blue R33 Skyline mess. But cars are a part of me, and I’d go insane without having something to tinker with. So the hunt was on for a new project I could build up over time.

Run It Hard Silvias

I had my heart set on a particular shell, but Benny (as he does) linked me a S13 that was albeit a littler pricier, but it was much closer to home and had some goodies to boot.

So Paulie, Julie and I went down to check it out. BN, check! Wide body, check! some suspension stuff, check! It’s basically a complete car minus engine and gearbox.

A deal was made with the previous owner and Benny came around in his XR8 (which he has yet to post about on here) and took it to my joint.

plans for this beast is hopefully a simple setup focused on budget. The car will be lucky to be driven 10 times a year so at this stage I don’t see much point sinking all my hard earned into it. But as I’ve shown numerous times before … I can get carried away quite easily.

Run It Hard S13

If I really wanted, I could put an engine in and do some skids, but I’d rather get some things sorted. Like ditching 4 stud and the NA brakes. Cleaning up the body (the rear bar and guards have been moulded in! ADUMA!) and stripping down the interior. Basically do everything right once, but not go overboard if that makes sense.

First things I am tackling is the suspension/braking side of things. The Sill be going 5 stud with R33 GTST brakes (and handbrake setup). The rear sub frame will be dropped out and braced up along with solid risers stuffed into it. On the opposite end the cross member will also come out and make it’s way for a new one with the steering rack positioning moved forward.

S13 shell on standa

This will probably be a long journey but it’ll keep me busy when I have some free time on my hands. No plans on when it’ll be running at this stage. Sometime mid next year would be nice … maybe before an interstate Matsuri? we’ll find out.




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  1. Jason August 18, 2013 at 1:23 am #

    Good luck with the s13, it looks like you have your hands full. The R33 is in good hands. I’m enjoying the shit out of it, and even got used to that clutch! Looking forward to updates on this s13 :).

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