Making a start … kinda

S13 shell

Since I picked up the S13 shell, I really haven’t had much time to spend on it. Life’s been pretty chaotic for Julie and I at the moment. With finally settling into our new house I through another spanner into the works and proposed to Julie.

She had been waiting for some time and it finally happened, just shy of our six-year anniversary. Anyway the only time I get to procrastinate about the Silvia is either at work, or waaaay past my bed time. I’m always coming up with ideas, and seem to be at a cross-road with many signs facing every single direction. I guess that’s what happens when you have a new chuck of metal sitting in your garage.

garagelow knuckles

Without going too astray, I’ve started working on the suspension side of things. A pair of Ichiban 5 stud hubs are on their way from the states, which will be mated up to a pair of GarageLow S13 knuckles. I decided to keep the front end S13 just to keep things simple and more cost-effective.

S13 strip down

I’ve stripped out most of the boot and interior ready for some sound deadening removal and a fresh coat of paint.

moulded rear bumper

I also managed to reverse the previous owners work on both the rear bumper and rear guards. The bar was tec-screwed into the chassis … what a pain to get the screws out!

rear guards off

Luckily for me, the rear guards were only siliconed on. So they came off without much hassle. Though they are a little mangled due to being sanded down a lot but close enough.

I have some free time this weekend, so hopefully I’ll be able to spend some most of it on the Sil and really get into it.


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