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east bear mirrors

Over the past month I’ve been writing many lists and figuring out some sort of solid plan for the car. Now that I’ve got most of that nailed down it was time to get the ball rolling. I continued to strip the S13 down off everything I didn’t require in the build, and sold or scrapped the parts.

It was then time for the fun part, buying stuff with money I made off the shell.

DGR coilovers

First up was new suspension, I had my heart set on Powered By Max coilovers, but thinking long and hard I just couldn’t justify spending the cash. I then thought about BCs and while they are an OK product, I thought I’d try something else I’ve been hearing about lately … DGR Suspension. I spoke to Tyler (PartyCat) from 999 Automotive and he hooked me up with a price I couldn’t refuse. So an order was placed with custom spring rates. Benny got a set for the R33 too, it’ll be interesting to see how they perform against his current BC coilovers.

Ichiban 5 stud hubs

My 5 stud hubs finally arrived, it takes forever getting stuff out of the US! they’ll get bolted up soon enough.

GKtech parts

GKtech were having a sale on their clutch fans so I snapped one up along with some other items.


I picked up a DMAX boot spoiler from Japan on the cheap, the only parts remaining to complete the aero are DMAX tail lights and a roof spoiler to match.

Onevia front

I decided to make the car a ‘Onevia’. It’s my favourite mix/match of S chassis’ I picked up a full 180SX body kit on an EBay auction, which consisted of a genuine Origin streamline front bumper, DMAX front guards and a JUN bonnet. I found a set of East Bear mirrors on Yahoo somewhere in-between too.

RB20 engine

Engine choice is the humble RB20DET, I got it on the cheap from Jeff as he was parting out a R32 coupe that was written off, it was actually the guy who bought my R33s, old R32. I managed to score a exedy clutch and flywheel and a RB20 box too. It will get a freshen up before making its way into the engine bay.

Veilside andrews

My set of Veilside wheels turned up that I bought for the R33. I promptly sold them to make way for more wheels.


A set of MAE Crown Jewels. These were ideal sizing for the S13 and were a good price. I wasn’t 100% on the design but after googling pics of S13s with similar style wheels, I was keen as mustard.

Plenty more things to be bought, will be mostly suspension and braking gear up next. Hopefully I can have the shell rolling by the time the MAE wheels land in Australia.

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