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V8 commodore

It’s been a while since an update and since last time I posted, I haven’t really done much to the Sil. So I thought I’d talk about my interesting adventure finding a new daily drive. I was determined on getting a VT/VX Commodore, mainly because they are cheap as chips. Tow ok and parts are plentiful yet not costly.

So the hunt was on, I looked around various places until I came across a rather simple ad on Gum tree. It was for a V8 Executive … I always wanted a V8 so I was keen as mustard to check it out. Later that night I headed out to Bargo with Julie to scope it out. It was alright had a power steering leak, interior was rough and all that jazz. I wasn’t expecting much for sub 2k and the fact that Fords/Holdens have a tendency to fall apart over time. It went good and that’s what mattered.

Anyway getting it home it ended up running out of fuel, it just made it to the twin 7/11 servos on the Hume highway but due to a windstorm earlier that day they had lost power, just my luck. So we managed to grab some small jerry cans and back-tracked to Bargo in search of a service station. We found one not too far from where we purchased the Commodore. Would have been nice for the guy to tell us there was a servo that close but oh well. After that we were on our way.

It wasn’t until I had a really good look at it, that I decided it wasn’t for me. It looked like it used to tow boats around and while unloading and loading them back onto the trailer, the underside of the boot would be submerged in sea water. There was quite a bit of rust in that area which was a shame. I didn’t feel safe towing the S13 around Australia with a rusty ass end. So I spent some elbow grease on the Commodore and listed it for sale.

VT bommadore

Friday afternoon comes along and I’ve got a fella really keen to check it out. So after work I pulled it out from the back yard and met up with him. He was stoked with it all, didn’t really care about the rust and leaking power steering and all that jazz. So a deal was done and the Commo was on its way with the new owner. I bought the white that same week, on a Monday night.

While all this was happening I was on the hunt for another VT commodore, wanted something ‘ready to go’. Didn’t really care what engine it had so long as it was good mechanically. Gum tree to the rescue again. I found a Burgundy exec for dirt cheap, equipped with a 2.5 tonne tow bar and electronic brake controller … 7 months rego etc. The body was quite rough though, many dings and awesome paint fade effect on a few panels.

I checked it out on Saturday morning, it pretty much ticked all the bells and whistles, and drove great. It needs a little work like new brake pads and a new aerial but for what I picked it up for, I can’t complain at all.


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