Giving some TLC

RIH R33 getting work

Well it’s been a while since we’ve had any activity on the blog. Much has happened but with life being as crazy as it is, I just haven’t had time to share it all. With the Wakefield matsuri just around the corner, it was time to get Julie’s S14 and Benny’s R33 ready to shred some tyres. As for myself, well I haven’t been able to break my run of missing every Matsuri in my own car … maybe next time.

There’s one thing I truly admire about Benny. It’s his loyalty to his R33. For instance, cars in my ownership have come and gone while Benny has still held onto the Skyline. While it’s been rough around the edges for quite some time now. Benny has finally decided to put a little TLC into the R chassis right before its next outing.

So a few weeks ago, we spent a weekend going over the car, and installing new components Benny has collected the past couple of months.

R33 getting worked on

Up it went on stands, and we got to work. Unbolting the BC coilovers for a set of DGR suspension units. Reason for the change was it was more feasible to purchase a new setup with stiffer spring rates, than change the springs on BCs. The new setup is 13/10, trumping the typical 8/6 rates that BC seem to use for everything.

Time will tell how well the DGRs perform, but initial drive proves them to be quite promising. I like that they aren’t crashy over bumps like BC, which was a surprise considering the rate change too.

DGR coilovers

While the R33 was still a hovercraft, we ripped off the HKS catback that came with the car from Japan. For an Xforce/Aspec setup. Benny’s R33 sounds how a RB should now.

I also cut the LCA lock stops off so Benny could make the full use of his JDI knuckles. It’ll be his first time out there with added lock so I’m really keen to see how he goes, and to see if he can master a particular kink that he’s been trying on for many years.

big end x AAR x AGI x Monza

Moving onto the interior, Benny has gotten rid of his Recaro SR3 and picked up a AAR fixed back. He’s also rocking a uber rare Big End steering wheel in blue. We ditched the generic Jap cage and opted for a CAMS approved AGI Fabrications half cage too. He added a monza harness into the mix for good measure too.

taker ready for matsuri

One of the things that has FINALLY been done, was some paint on his rear guards. We kinda went on a paint frenzy. The front guards got a touch up, as well as various body panels. I dare say it’s nearly looking as clean as it used to many moons ago.

With it all finished up a late Sunday evening, Taker is ready to f**k shit up at Matsuri!

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