A new journey

shell leaving

With the S13 shell lying dormant in my garage, and my motivation diminishing to build a car that will rarely get driven. I decided to quit while I was ahead and scrap the build completely. My plan was to give cars a rest for a while but that all changed when Paulie decided it was time for him to move on.

Paulie is a rotary fanatic and he was craving a car he has always desired … the FC RX7. So he came to the conclusion that it was time to part with his R33 Skyline. We spoke about it all for quite some time, figuring out what we wanted to do.  In the end Paulie settled for a neat WRX while continuing to look for an FC. I just so happened to get the Skyline a day before Wakefield Matsuri.

It goes without saying that I entered last-minute to attend the weekend in my own car. This would have been the first Matsuri ever (3 years 6 events) that I’d finally be driving my own car. I was excited to say the least.

There was a small group that went down this year, we all arrived Friday afternoon awaiting to be scrutineered and wanted to get in some track time. It felt like forever waiting to get the cars approved. Anyway the time came, my car was checked over and I was heading straight to pit lane ready to go.

compression test

I managed to get about 4 runs in before I called it quits. The Skyline just wasn’t feeling right. I kept spinning and it felt like power was cutting in and out. I think on the last run the engine didn’t want to build boost either.

To say I was frustrated would be an understatement, I was hating life. Wondering why I still bother with cars and drifting and all of that awesome stuff.

We managed to get the R33 to Jeff’s place in Goulburn and went over everything. We noticed a lot of oil in the intercooler pipes and found a leak in one of the joiners. Once we sorted that out the car run great and my hopes were high on drifting the Saturday.

We wanted to make sure everything was sweet so Aaron brung around a compression gauge while I was changing the rusted, old Denso spark plugs which was believed to be the cause of the RB25s rough idle. With the Skyline having an odd idle for a while now there was good reason to check it out. The results showed that compression was down substantially on cylinder 2 and 5. As you could imagine, I was gutted. Funnily enough I wasn’t as upset or emotional as I thought I’d be. I guess I’m just used to disappointment with cars now-a days.

my R33

So my priorities changed, I didn’t even bother taking the Skyline out as I wanted to make it home. Thankfully it did the 200km trek with ease.

Now the R33 rests in the garage while I figure out a plan of attack for it. I’ll be changing a few things along the way too.



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