Taker reborn


Who would have thought that Matsuri would be the end of the line for Benny and his R33. After many years together, Benny finally decided to throw in the towel. Why you ask? Well Benny seems to have some curse upon him. Generally when he says “one more run” something goes sour. It happened last time at both HnR days, and again at Matsuri.

He did a good job at mangling Takers rear end this time around. He broke a new DGR coilover, a knuckle, bent a LCA, snapped a traction rod, and banged up part of the chassis. We had most of the spares to get it up and running again, but we couldn’t come up with a suitable coil over replacement. So the Skyline got towed to Jeffs house yet again.

snapped arms

With a wedding and recent house purchase on the horizon, I can see why Benny’s made this decision. He hasn’t had much luck this year with the Skyline unfortunately. Still it’ll be weird not to see him in a beat up white R33.

Taker R33

A week passed and the Skyline got towed back to my joint. Little did it know that it my house, would become its permanent residence. With my latest R33 blowing up and Benny calling it quits, we decided to keep Taker alive and strip down Paulie’s old R33.

With the R33 gone, the support car was to follow suit. Benny wanted to rock a simple street car he could enjoy, and occasionally take to the track if he ever got the itch to do so. We talked about many options on the drive home from Goulburn, but it was only when we got home and had some dinner, that Julie suggested something we didn’t even consider.

RIH stagea back

My old Stagea had been on the market for a while, always popping up on Facebook every so often. Benny got in touch with Brad (the guy I sold it to), next thing you know he’s the new owner of LOLVO. If you told either of us this time last year we’d own each others cars. We would probably of laughed at you. The world works in mysterious ways that’s for sure!

Brad stripped the Stagea of many goodies to make it easier for re-sale … or something like that. But Benny plans to bring it back to its former glory.

R chassis R33 work

As for Taker, I’ll be giving him some much-needed care. I’ll be going over everything vigorously and take it all as it comes.

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