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Another one bites the dust


This year has been pretty chaotic for my cars. I sold the Stagea roughly 4 months ago and now I bid the Skyline farewell. Why the sudden change, hmm I guess you could say I’ve outwitted myself. On my every day commute I happen to drive past several High Way Patrols monitoring the motorways. I know for a fact that if I made the R33 the way I wanted. They would all know me by my first name.

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Leon Hardritt test fit

Leon hardtitt orden

Since I ordered the Ordens from Japan, I’ve been constantly checking the tracking numbers to see if there are any updates. I know I know they take 6-9 weeks to arrive but you can never be so sure.

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Photo dump: R33 aero mock up


Not many updates as of late because Julie and I have just purchased our first home and we’ve been doing the shuffle since. Now we are mostly settled in and I wanted a break from playing with the house. So I decided to play with the R33 instead.

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The last day I did in the Stagea

Been pretty lazy putting the last south circuit video together. I didn’t know at the time that this would be the last drift day in the Stagea. She held up well that day, didn’t cause me any grief for once and just enjoyed driving it.

Nissan Stagea sacked on LXZ

LXZ fitment on Stagea

Following on from my last post. After the sub frame install was complete we headed out to Taleb tyres to get some rubber mounted on the LXZs. Taleb sell decent tyres at a good price, and aren’t afraid of stretch like most stores. Originally we wanted Achilles ATR sport all round, but due to not having any stock on the fronts, we settled for Unigrips. Next step was bolting them onto the Stagea, and toying around with the height, toe and camber to get it sitting just the way we like it.

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Hands have changed

Julies stagea stock

Most know of Benny’s daily driver, the sleek black Nissan Stagea. Well Benny decided that he didn’t want to use it as a support/tow car for the R33 and was looking to sell it for something more suitable.

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