Photo dump: Skyline enjoying the outdoors

watermark top left NEW!

Yesterday I was outside doing the gardening, it was a nice cool day in Sydney, which was a nice change from the typical summer heat we’ve had recently.

The garage was open and the Skyline looked like it wanted to venture out of it, so I got the keys, started it up and parked it in the middle of the driveway.

slammed R33

I found my old JDL roof spoiler that was originally on my first R33, so I slapped that on to see how it flowed with the rest of the car.

that ass niggah

I’m digging it a lot, and it’s actually convinced me to keep the boot wingless.

lipless front end

The front end is begging for a front lip, which I’ve got lined up to arrive in another month or so. Big Win, the best lip for the S2 bumper in my opinion.

peeping tom 2

I did some fancy shots from behind the garden, they turned out pretty cool.

peeping tom

This is the height the rear is staying, it isn’t rim to guard but it’s damn well close to it.

fitment R33 skyline

Mainly because I’ll have waaaay too much negative camber in the ass end, and there will be a party with my suspension arms and subframe and chassis and other fun stuff.

skidpan king

A few more cosmetic touches and it’ll one rad sled. Will need a fresh coat of paint at one stage too. I might just respray it the original white, or not … who knows I’m bad at these kind of decisions.

rear end mulitpass

Here’s one more picture for good measure. I should get off my ass and finish this beast off. Yeah that sounds like a good idea actually..

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  1. Joshua September 11, 2014 at 5:00 pm #

    Hey man. I’d love to know more about your car. I’ve got a 33 as well and no one I know is really all that into imports and this town is filled with every bogan and their commodore or falcon. Would be awesome to chat and learn a bit from ya. Can’t get over how good this looks and it’s not even finished.

    Send an email through sometime. It’s be awesome to hear from ya.

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