Polishing a turd

cutting front bumper

One big thing with me is that whatever project car I own, it’s got to look cool. I just can’t bring myself to be happy driving around a haggard car. Silly I know but what can you do that’s just how I am. That ment the hunt was on for some parts. Funnily enough I actually bought some bits and pieces before I bought Uboat, as I just happened to come across them.

Then there are things like the front bumper, I didn’t notice it at first but Benny mentioned that the current bumper was warped and cracked and just rooted. At the time I was going to run FRP guards so I needed something straight that would mate to them. I managed to find a Series 2 bumper from SA that was in good condition, and got it shipped over for half the price people were asking here in NSW. It needed to get cut a little to fit in front of the Greddy intercooler but I took my time and I’m pretty happy with the outcome.

abro headlight restore polish

One of  the first things I did to Taker was try to restore the headlights. They were dull, cloudy and looked rather shit. When I was in Goulburn for Matsuri, a friend of a friend got out some “blue magic” and wiped it all over the Matte white R33’s headlights. That stuff really is magical and it made them look like new. So I went on a hunt to find some (you can buy it here), at my local auto stores, unfortunately this was the closest thing I found.

before headlight restore

This is what the headlights looked like before the Abro headlight restore polish was swooshed around on them. The passenger side was much worse and had some grazes on it from whenever Benny hit something.

after headlight restore

This is after I applied the headlight restore twice. It came up really well, though I’d say Blue Magic worked a little better. The stuff is really simple though, just rub the compound into the headlight in a circular motion, then wipe off after it hazes.

OEM vs DMAX taillights skyline

While on the topic of lights. I’ve always been a fan of the DMAX/Clear world/East bear/Ebay tail lights for the R33 Skyline, but I never got around to purchasing any. Anyway I now have a set in my possession so they made their way onto the car.

DMAX rear tail lights R33 skyline

I think one thing that put me off is that they can look good on some cars, and crap on others. Luckily they look pretty cool on Taker.

cusco camber arm

I bought a pair of Cusco camber arms to wind in more front camber. If you’re wanting to do the same on your R33, get Cusco or nothing! The 2 piece type arms are an absolute bitch to install and adjust as you need to remove them off the link arm each time. Whereas with Cusco, you have adjustment via the allen key screws.

just chillin

I cut the tabs off my bonnet hinges so I can flip my hood vertical yo! Will probably paint something on the underside too, because that’s cool and all. Unfortunately the bonnet doesn’t rest on the windscreen like S chassis’ so I’ll need to make some sort of stay for it (or I can continue to use half my jack handle).

Skyline vertical bonnet hinge mod

This is the tab you grind down for all your vertical bonnet awesomeness.

slammed R33

At some point I was loosing motivation so got it off the stands and looked at it for a while. When I saw it like this, with the wheels mounted and it on the ground for the first time I was like super pumped to get my shit together and finish everything on my list. I’d love to run rim to guard and I might, I’ve just got to figure out a way of getting out of my driveway and need to cut the standard guards some more.

Skyline outside

The plan was to get the R33 up and running and make the trek to Halfway hangs in February. But with the unexpected sacking I received on Christmas Eve I’ve had to cancel those plans. There isn’t much left to be done and with a little luck maybe, just maybe I’ll still make it up there.

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